Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Texas USA Cycling 100k

Well, they say everything is bigger in Texas, I beleve it after being in the Big Bend area by Mexico. The travel to this part of the country is far from easy. It took me a soild 13 hrs to get to the race site in Terlingua, TX pop. 252. The travel started bad because I can't wake up at 4 am for some reason and I missed my flight with E. I had to get a bunch of crazy connections to make it down there, but luck was on my side and I made it. This area of Texas has some great big mountains and the scenerey was great. On Thursday we pre rode the whole 50k lap of the race and it was some great singletrack. Friday was a recovery day, for the race on Saturday. Saturday the race started fast I was not postioned well going in to the singletrack but it was a long race so I just tryed to make the front group. It stayed togather for about 1hr before gaps started to open, you could draft on the singletrack it was so fast. There was on big 20min climb every lap, after the climb it was about 8miles to the finish. After lap one I was in 9th place. I was pretty happy with that. The second lap I passed 1 more guy, then I got to the climb and got passed by 4 guys, a good time! Fun, I was toast at this point but I managed to pass one guy back and end up 12th. This was a cool race just hard to get to. E had 3 flats and still managed to finish 18th. After the race I got really sick and had to go to a clinic to get some medication, the doctor said that I have the flu. Anyway it was a good trip even though I am sick!
Results here:
And here:

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Group Rides

Well, last weekend's superbowl ride was super. Let try to do it again this weekend. Saturday do this ride: . Sunday we will meet @ 1200 meeting at the top of Valley Parkway and 21 in Brecksville . Right now the weather looks like crap, but it is Ohio so it can and will change. Keep the cranks turnin!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Superbowl Ride

We are riding bikes on Sunday @ 1200 meeting at the top of Valley Parkway and 21 in Brecksville, the ride will be about 100k steady.