Monday, May 26, 2008


Well I am home from that place up north. Quick race recap. Hard! Anyway you can check the results and report from the front of the race on cyclingnews. I made it about 65k before the smack went down and I was in a break off the back of the field for the rest of the race. I did finish, but was HD'ed meaning you guys were so slow we aren't wasting our time scoring you. The course was cool. There were so many turns you had to be in a break or in the top 10-15 riders at all times or you were toast. The boys from Saturn of Toledo took care of me. The cabin that we stayed at was on of the coolest place I have ever been to before a bike race. Thanks! I wish I would have been little more useful in the race. Anyway I hope to get it done next weekend at Mohican.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Well, I am doing a big race this weekend it is a uci cat 1.2. I have only done one uci road race before it was univest in pa. And yes it was hard. It should be super cool its in the very northern part of mich and has 110mile loop. I am riding as a guest rider on Saturn of Toledo. I hope to have a report up soon. Have a good weekend!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rocktober Race

Well, E and I went racing in Pa on Saturday. It was super cool, for about 90min of the 7hr race. The course was a cloverleaf with 3 different loops. The trails were a mix of dirt road, paved road and single track. The single track was special. Lets just say WV love. The race started, hot with a 3 mile dirt road climb. Then a 1mile scramble down a rock face. Fun! After this you got another dose of dirt road climbing and then some more death march single tract and then you only had 65 miles to go! Anyway I was super excited. Then disaster struck. I flatted, had a bad co2 and then ruined my only tube. Note, this is how you go from 3rd to 55th in about 15min. The since everything was going so well I walked the rest of the first loop. I meet up with a new friend, he need a bolt for his broken cleat so I gave him my bolt (not needed for Walking) then I finished my cool down walk 90min and 6miles later at check point 1. Ole yeah Brandon won the race and E was 7th. Anyway the legs were good for the riding part, and I might be going to a big race this weekend, more on that later.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Weekend report

Well I didn't make down to DSG. Things outside of my control prevented me from attending. No worries it only May! Anyhow it was still a great weekend of racing. RATL went well. It was violent right from the start and I help cause some damage. I ended up 4th and got some premes. Sunday was one of my favorite road races the Cone Azalia classic in MI. It has some dirt in it. The race was going well, then I flatted! Anyway I end up 13th and got to ride my bike hard! One note on equipment. The Cannondale System 6 is the best handling and fastest road machine that I have ever had and it works on dirt. Great bike, thanks Lake Effect. Photo by Robert.