Monday, December 22, 2008

Base = Patience

Well, I am back. Anyway the beach was good and now its 5 degrees here. Quite the shock to the system. I thought that I would comment on Base training, since most people are itching to get started for next season. I read a great article that Joe Friel wrote on this blog. Here is a paragraph and you can read the rest on his blog.

"Patience is the key to success in endurance sport. I’ve also written about that idea many times. One must be patient with training. When passed by a group of Christmas Stars on the road now you’ve got to have the patience to hold back and stick with your planned base fitness training. It helps to have a coach, someone who will hold you accountable for what you do in workouts. I seldom have to remind the athletes I train that they need to stick with the plan while avoiding Christmas Star group rides. Down deep we each understand the benefit of building deep levels of fitness in these three key abilities before starting to do the high intensity stuff later on. We realize that if we are patient now and just grind out the miles as planned, the reward later on will be much greater."

Embrace the weather!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Well, I haven't been blogging or riding in about a month, needed the mental break. Been planing for next season and plan on changing it up a bit. I'll write about that soon. But first we have one more cx race left to attend to and then the beach is calling my name. I was looking back on my races this season and it was up there for volume with this copley race I will be around 50. To put this in perceptive Rudy did around 70! I think for his career he is around 2500 races, ponder that for a while when you think you "race your bike". With that thought I think I will go ride.