Friday, September 30, 2011

Cross Touring

Wow the last month flew by. Here is why 1st weekend I raced NEOCX 1 and the Big Valley mtb race. Then the driving started. We went to the opening UCI weekend at Nittnay Lion CX in Philly after that weekend we went to OVCX 1 in Louisville. Last weekend was Ellison Park UCI in Rochester NY. This weekend is OVCX 3 and 4 in Dayton. WOW good thing I bought a hybrid!

The support for this tour wouldn’t be possible with out my great sponsor’s. The Van Dessel’s are the best cx bikes I have ever raced on. If you want to ride one hit me up at cx practice or the race and give her spin. Cycle-Smart, Bike Authority and Verge clothing have also been great. The rest of the tour is coming fast see you at the races!

Monday, September 12, 2011

New Post

What a blog post? Yes. My Cross biking schedule is up. I am pumped. Cross is boss. All that I am going to say about last weekend is went fast in mud, I did not. See you at cross practice!