Thursday, June 25, 2009


Tour of Ohio podium

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tour of Ohio

Past winners of Tour of Ohio:
2009: Joey Rosskopt
2008: Matt Winstead
2007: Mark Hekman
2006: Bobby Lea
2005: Matt Kelly
2004: Caleb Manon
2003: Brian Sheedy
2002: Paul Martin
2001: Tim Johnson
2000: Dirk Bouchard Hall
1999: Bart Wellens
1998: John Liesywn
1997: Roberto Gaggioli
1996: Harm Hanson
1995: Graeme Miller
1994: Graeme Miller

Elmore Stage 6

We finished the tour strong. Dan was 3rd in the KOM and points jersey's, he also won stage 3. I ended up 3rd overall and was top ten everyday but one. Russ and Greg were a great help to the team. It was a awesome week! Thanks for all of the support from Team Lake Effect, Bike Authority, FS Concepts, Tofosi, and Carbon Racing.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Granville Death March

Granville is the hardest circuit that I have done. It has it all 2 brick climbs, 2 180 degree turns, a 45 mph downhill all in 1.7 miles. It's super. The plan for today was to get Dan in a break to get the Kom jersey and protect my second place. Dan and Greg raced their butts off and made the early break stick. My job was to follow the yellow and attack at the end. It almost worked again Dan got 2nd on the kom's and was away for 40 miles with a guy sitting on him. Great ride! I did what I could it was a touch too much climbing for me and I end up 5th and protected my 3nd place on GC. Going in to the last day I am 3nd overall Dan was 3rd in the KOM and still has the sprint jersey. Today we need to get it on one more time.

Worthington Reshuffle

Well things changed a bit at the hilly crit in Worthington. We lost the Yellow but I moved in to 2nd overall. The plan for the day was to be aggressive and not waste energy. The pace was hard from the beginning, Dan was getting attacked so I countered and started a 4 man break. I was planning to get up the road and Dan could follow moves across. It almost worked. The break ended up with 10 people, but Dan didn't get across. We ended up lapping the field and I got chopped in the sprint or I might have won. I ended up 6th and 2nd on GC 59 seconds back because of the time bonus. So we go to Granville with 2nd GC and Dan in the points Jersey and 2nd in KOM. Time to get it done!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hocking Hills

We got it done yesterday! We have the yellow jersey! Dan won yesterday, I ended up 7th again and Greg took the kom points. It was a good day. We have about 4o-55 sec lead so now we defend. Today is 40 mile crit in Worthington. It should be fun.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stage 2 Wilkesville

Stage 2 Wilkesville was a good day for the boys. Dan was 3rd and won the KOM points and I ended up 7th in chase group. Dan in 3rd overall and I am 7th overall with around 30 seconds the main field. Russ, Cameron and Greg finished in the main field. Today is another hilly 77 miles at Hocking Hills. More to come!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tour of Ohio

Well it's been awhile. We are at Tour of Ohio again. This is the 7th time for me and the first time for the rest of the crew. Dan, Russ, Greg and Cameron. The first day was a new course in Galloplois. It was a 55 mile single loop road race. The race went well and Dan was 4th and I was around 10th in the field sprint. I was sick at the state road race on Sunday so to get thought the first couple of days will be challenging. We head to Wilksville today and the real racing begins. More to come!