Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tucson 2014

Aaron and Brian have documented our 2014 training camp to Tucson on their blogs here: http://aaroncruikshank.blogspot.com , http://ueberdiebruecke.wordpress.com. I am going to give my thoughts with some training stats.

Days in Tucson: 14
Training Hrs: 57.5
Kilometer's Ridden: 1578
Miles Ridden: 980.5
Training Stress Score: 2199
Kilojoules:  34436
Highest Elevation:  9,159ft or 2,792 m
Most Elevation Gain on one ride: 7795ft or 2376m
Highest Training Stress Score on one day: 275.5
Road with most expansion cracks: Nogales Highway
Dirt Roads Ridden: 2
Longest Ride: 7hrs and 26min, 138.5 miles or 223km and 4979 Kilojoules.

Great Trip. Tucson Rocks.

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Adam said...

Feeling fat and lazy. Excuse me I must go purge and ride a century...double, century.