Tuesday, September 18, 2012

OVCX 1 Huber’s Apple CX

I headed down to the first ovcx race in Southern Indiana on Saturday to pre ride for the race on Sunday. I got to the course and rode 4-5 laps and felt pretty good for just getting out of the car after a 5hr drive. The course was a flat dry and bumpy. It looked like we would be doing high 6min laps and it was going to beat your back up. I decided to run 34c fangos at 27psi for the bumpy and loose turns. Had a good dinner at New Albanian Brewery and was ready to kick of the ovcx season.

Race day warm up went well and I was ready to race. The call up procedure was a little wonky going by reg. order instead of your uci or usa cycling ranking. There was a huge field in the elite race around 70 starters. This is a great sigh for the ovcx. The total entry for the race was around 500 people for the race. I ended up being called up to the 5th row and I knew that it was going to be a scrum to get to the front. It took me about 4laps to get out into clear track so I could start trying to get to the lead group. I ended up catching a lot of people but never made it to the front. I was in the second group racing for 10th. I was 13th overall not the result I was after but at least I have a better starting spot next race and it’s a long season. The ride of the day went to Josh Johnson who started last row and ended up 3rd!



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