Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gun Club

OVCX 4 Gun Club
Gun Club is one of my favorite course on the on the OVCX circuit. I headed down with local young gun John Proppe, we got to the course and it was laid out the same as last year except they added a big fly over after the sand pit. Awesome!  The course is a combination of twisty woods and dirt path linked by some open grass fields. There are lots of transitions and corners; it’s a really good course for my skills. The best that could have happen for me was some light rain right at the start. The rain completely changed the course. It made it super slippy and even more techy. I decided to run the Limus right before the start with 26 and 28psi, they were like perfect for the greasy mud.
I was a second row call up because of my DNF the week before I ended up getting a reasonably good start. I was in about 4th place after the first lap, and then I lost some spots when I got in to a scrum with a JR in the woods on the second lap. I was able to recover and end up in the group of 4 racing for 4th place about half way through. Rob Kendall ended up winning, got a good gap at the start and cruised in. Luke Haley and Eric Anderson battled it out for 2nd and 3rd. I attacked my group on the last lap and was fairly close to Eric by the end. I was pumped to finally have good legs at the end of the race, the form is coming.
Video highlights

Bunch of pics on my wall.

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